'Take Me Home Tonight' Trailer: Topher Grace Comedy Advances a Decade

December 17, 2010


That '70s Show writers/executive producers Jackie and Jeff Filgo, their wings at last un-clipped from the world of 1970s-based Topher Grace situation comedy, are using their newfound freedom to soar to new creative heights: 1980s-based Topher Grace situation comedy! In Take Me Home Tonight--written by the duo, directed by Michael Dowse, and suspiciously shelved for a few years after these production photos were taken--Grace plays a recent MIT graduate unable to face the responsibility of a real job, instead finding work at a humorous reference to a now-defunct retail chain, Suncoast. Can he get his shit together with the help of the inherent guffaws of '80s fashion and clichéd party scenes with Anna Faris, Dan Fogler, and would-be love interest Teresa Palmer? Let's hope so.

Seeing that this was probably shot sometime in 2007, I'll give you some leeway on Topher Grace as a 24-year-old. But no more. This is it.

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