'The Beaver' Trailer Is Such a Heartwarming Journey

December 6, 2010


The Beaver--Mel Gibson's Maverick reunion that he hopes will grant him re-admittance into society--has a trailer, everyone. Prior to Jodie Foster deciding she'd direct this film as her follow-up to Home for the Holidays, the script was already famous for supposedly being one of the best un-produced screenplays circulating Hollywood--an edgy, darkly-comic tale of a man at the end of his rope and finding mental salvation through a beaver puppet So why does this look like such lame, inspirational, dad-reingratiates-himself-with-the-family-in-a-funny-way schlock, Jodie Foster?

So that's that entire film. Communicating through an exaggerated British character to reunite with your strained family isn't just for Mrs. Doubtfires, anymore! Do you think he'll get to keep the puppet routine as part of a kids' show, too?

Also, is this Mel Gibson throwing his hat in the ring for the Michael Caine impression debate?

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