We Found Some Missing '2001: A Space Odyssey', Hotel People Protesting 'Toy Story', Worst People Protesting 'Thor', More!

December 17, 2010


- If you've always thought 2001: A Space Odyssey could use another 17 minutes, good news: legendary effects supervisor Douglas Trumbull has revealed that Warner Bros. recently uncovered some deleted scenes from the Stanley Kubrick masterpiece, so we'll probably be seeing those on a Blu-ray disc sometime soon. Could these be the missing, thought-to-be-destroyed scenes discussed on Wikipedia? Or will it just be fifteen minutes of a newly-tool-using ape playing a ribcage like a xylophone? We'll see.

- 3:10 to Yuma director James Mangold has decided to retreat back to the safety of Westerns in the wake of also making Knight & Day. He's signed on to direct The Gunslinger, "a contemporary Western [that] centers on an ex-Texas Ranger who sets out to punish the men who killed his brother." I think we all know how this one ends...

- Jon Voight, Dermot Mulroney, and Fockers regular Teri Polo will all be in a film together. From that information alone, I would have bet anything that such a film would be a shitty blend of Meet the Parents and About Schmidt--starring Voight as a father coming to terms with her daughter's engagement to Mulroney's white trash character--but it turns out it's about "a veteran detective and a questionable television psychic who will stop at nothing to find a missing child," so it's a good thing no one bet me about that.

- Union hotel employees at Disneyland's Anaheim resort are protesting Toy Story 3's Oscar bid over contract issues. Meanwhile, despite all the perfectly legitimate reasons not to see Thor, the Council of Conservative Citizens have decided to protest it because black actor Idris Elba plays a Norse god in the film, which is a very upsetting casting decision if you're an angry hoard of racist nutcases.

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