Weinsteins and Miramax Agree To Make Several Dubious, Belated Sequels

December 16, 2010


On March 5, 2004, an unrated version of Bad Santa was released on DVD as Badder Santa, so confident were the filmmakers that such a title would not be needed for a 2012 sequel. Today, their boldness in naming convention was at last proven unwarranted, as The Weinstein Company and Miramax have announced an agreement that will create completely unnecessary sequels and spin-offs of many of Miramax's properties--beginning with sequels to Bad Santa (now without John Ritter and Bernie Mac!) and the 1998 films Shakespeare in Love (Shakespeare in Marriage?) and Rounders (Even Rounder?). Other films listed as candidates in the arrangement are Bridget Jones’s Diary (Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason 2?), Cop Land (Cop Land Too?), From Dusk Till Dawn (From Dusk Till Dawn 4: We've Already Made 3 From Dusk Till Dawn Movies?), Clerks (just another Clerks 2?), Swingers (Made?), The Amityville Horror, and something called Shall We Dance? that involved Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez ballroom dancing, and definitely deserves a sequel.

Hard decision time: which sounds worst? And, more importantly, will Shakespeare in Love 2 pull an upset over Saving Private Ryan 2 at the Oscars?

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