You're Getting a Couple More 'Pirates of the Caribbean' Films

December 3, 2010


Good jobs, Rob Marshall! The director--who just took over the Pirates of the Caribbean series from Gore Verbinski--has reportedly done such a nice job recording Johnny Depp's pirate impression that he's already been commissioned to make a couple more of of these things. HitFix has learned that Disney has been telling the crew to prepare for a long shoot in the near future, as they'd like to shoot Pirates 5 and 6 in succession as soon as they can, before Johnny Depp washes off his eyeliner and they have to put it all on again. Of course, Depp also has commitments to shoot Dark Shadows for Tim Burton and The Lone Ranger for Verbinski, and he's supposed to do a Thin Man remake with Marshall, so it's unclear when exactly all this pirating will take place. This is why you're supposed to only have one Director Girlfriend at a time, Johnny.

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