You're Getting Another Benji Movie

December 1, 2010


Brandon Camp--son of Benji creator Joe Camp Jr. and a filmmaking auteur in his own right (if writing and directing the Jennifer Aniston romantic-comedy Love Happen qualifies)--is teaming with morally-righteous production company Walden Media (the Narnia series) to try and make some money off another Benji movie. According to Variety, the new film is following the current trend and "will reboot the character for a new crop of young moviegoers"--presumably so that they can avoid addressing the bizarre canon of Benji, For the Love of Benji, Benji's Very Own Christmas Story, Oh! Heavenly Dog (featuring Chevy Chase reincarnated as Benji), Benji the Hunted, Benji: Off the Leash!, Benji Takes a Dive at Marineland, Benji at Work, and Benji, Zax & the Alien Prince (all of these are real).

Camp says he will soon begin a nationwide search for a new dog to play Benji, creepily adding, "My fantasy is to find a stray." How true to the character! Also: true to commercialism, with Camp adding that now is the time "from a business point of view," which is hard to argue with. When better to release another Benji movie than after Beverly Hills Chihuahua and Marmaduke have lowered dog movie standards to a point where anything that doesn't talk in a celebrity voice would feel sufficient? Speaking of which, can we assume Liam Neeson will do the voice?

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