Another 'Paul' Trailer: Incongruity Between Seth Rogen's Voice and Gangling Alien Body Still Jarring

January 7, 2011


Dad brought you home a new addition for your Paul trailer collection: the full-length domestic trailer for the alien buddy road movie! Let's keep the hope alive that director Greg Mottola and his impressive cast--Pegg! Frost! Bateman! Wiig! Rogen!--have elevated the comedy above what this third middle-of-the-road preview suggests, because times like these demand a high quality Mac and Me for adult fanboys.

Spoilers warning: a brief shot in this trailer heavily suggests how this film might end, which could spoil something for anyone not already assuming this ends like E.T.

So do all the SNL cast members have lazy eyes, or are they both playing Archangel from Airwolf?

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