'Beginners' Trailer: Another Indie Movie Make You Consider Your Relationship with Your Father

January 28, 2011


Like last year's Greenberg, Beginners is another consequence of yesterday's twenty-something hotshot indie directors finally getting up there in years but still apparently feeling--or at least feeling the need to project--the directionless listlessness and new, innocent love of their younger days despite being successful and middle-aged. This is the rich-successful-rapper-still-talking-about-the-streets for affluent white people, I guess. Thumbsucker director Mike Mills' new entry to the genre gives us a tale of a bored, lonely man whose mid-life ennui has pushed him to the limits of quirk tolerabillity: having Garfield-like conversations with his dog between sessions of making twee doodles of ex-girlfriends. But he'd better get ready for all that to change, because his Christopher Plummer father just made a couple big announcements--he's gay, and dying--and his relationship with Inglourious Basterds babe is probably going to pull him out of this slump by the end credits!

If that description makes it sound like I didn't fall for this trailer, that's because I'm full of shit. I actually think this looks pretty good, because I guess I am a sap.

Oh no, I just noticed the whimsical skating part. You're losing me, Mike Mills!

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