Box Office: 'No Strings Attached' Pretty Successful When Nothing Opens Opposite It

January 24, 2011


Your weekend box office top five:

1. No Strings Attached - $20.3 million, so now a lot of people should know what a "sex friend" is. (Hint: it's like a "fuck buddy," except, for the sake of No Strings Attached promotions, sanitized to the point of not being an actual term.)

2. The Green Hornet - $18.1 million. Don't be surprised when your kid asks you for an inventive Asian man-servant this Christmas.

3. The Dilemma - $9.7 million. This lackluster run will have no bearing on the inevitable creation of more Paul Blart films/Vince Vaughn marriage comedies.

4. The King's Speech - $9.2 million--a decent performance for a film that's part of the rather un-mainstream genre of melodramatic-historical-Porky Pig cartoon.

5. True Grit - $8 million, as the film draws close to topping Little Fockers' domestic gross. Never saw that coming, did you, Robert De Niro? Just like you never saw your daughter marrying a man like Ben Stiller, which would then lead to a conflict that would be stretched over three films.

Weekend Box Office Results [Box Office Mojo]

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