Clint Eastwood Directing Beyoncé Musical Remake

January 21, 2011


Well, there's this now: Clint Eastwood is going to direct Beyoncé in another musical remake of A Star is Born, which seems like an odd match until you've seen Eastwood belt out a tune. The film--which has already been made three times, last in 1976 with Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson--tells of a rising star (to be played by already-established star Beyoncé) and her relationship with a self-destructive falling singer/songwriter. That role has yet to be cast, but Deadline mentions Will Smith, Jon Hamm, and Robert Downey Jr. as possibilities, because when isn't Robert Downey Jr. an option? As for why Justin Bieber and Usher aren't even being considered for the parts, I have no clue.

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