First Look at 'Breaking Dawn': Twilight Vampire Giving It to Runaways Real Gentle-Like

January 17, 2011


Your long, torturous wait is over, Twilight Fan Club. After holding back for several films--due to vampire bloodlust, werewolf love triangles, obvious sex-before-marriage metaphor, etc.--the two main lovebirds are at last going to stop sitting on their hands and finally fuck each other in the next film in the Twilight saga, Breaking Dawn. Knowing what their audience is after (unconvincing, horror-themed romance), Summit Entertaining has decided to release a shot from that very scene as the first look at the film, answering the question of whether Teen Dracula and Girl's first time be awkward and, at times, shameful, like it is in real life. The answer? NO. It will be beautiful! Told in the delicate language of muted sepia tones and face-stroking, like you'd always imagined.

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