'King's Speech' Might Get a Family-Friendly Edit, Gets Hip New Ad Campaign

January 26, 2011


The King's Speech topped the Academy Awards with 12 nominations and has already made over $100 million worldwide, but Harvey Weinstein still is not satisfied. He would really prefer if Americans were packing up their minivans and taking the whole family to see this thing, Weinstein told the LA Times, and he's got a two-part strategy to make that happen.

Step One: a new ad campaign "to get across that this classic movie is just as cool as the other movies people are seeing." Just because all the cool people are seeing cooler things does not mean this is not also cool in a less popular way, guys! And you know why? Because Friendship NEVER goes out of style. And the new posters will remind everyone of that with an all new tagline: "Some things never go out of style: Friendship; Courage; Loyalty." Rad!

Step Two: do some editing to cut out the expletives, bringing the rating down to a PG-13 or PG--so that the kids won't thing swearing is the answer to all their stuttering. Weinstein is reportedly still "talking with director Tom Hooper" about that option, so, in case he needs some help nudging Hooper in the right direction, here's a clip that should convince him the cuts can be made tastefully.

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