Michael Fassbender Getting All Our Best Nerd Roles: He's in 'Prometheus' Now

January 27, 2011


Fox must have sorted out the issue of Michael Fassbender wanting too much scratch to be in Ridley Scott's Alien prequel, because the actor is now reportedly signed on to star opposite Noomi Rapace in the movie, titled Prometheus now that Ridley Scott decided it's not officially an Alien prequel anymore. Fassbender, who we'll soon see wearing a plastic cap and straps in X-Men: First Class, will play an android in the film--a character described as an early-model Lance Henriksen-bot back when this was still a proper prequel. Now that the plot is free from the constraints of prequel-dom, perhaps he'll be free of any comparisons to future models--a real independent android. An android can always dream, right? Or can they? I don't remember Philip K. Dick's ruling on that.

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