'Monsters' Director Doing Another Monster Thing: Godzilla

January 5, 2011


Taking Gareth Edwards' low-budget breakout Monsters as a sign the director should probably be doing all future films involving giant monsters, Legendary Pictures is signing Edwards to direct the Godzilla movie the studio hopes will wash the taste of Hank Azaria from our mouths.

While Monsters was praised for its use of limited effects shots and a minuscule budget to tell a human story within a fantastical context, this new Godzilla will presumably hardly use those talents at all, as producer Brian Rogers has promised the new film will involve all kinds of Japanese-style, monster-on-monster-fucking-some-shit-up in CGI. Also promised by Rogers: that the film will be like Christopher Nolan's Batman. So, overall, now you know what to expect from this. Gareth Edwards' Godzilla, via Batman somehow.

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