So Many 'X-Men: First Class' Photos for You, Plus: Teaser Poster

January 20, 2011


Thanks to /Film, AICN, and the LA Times, we now have so many X-Mens to look at. Magneto wears his signature helmet! And his signature series of adjustable nylon straps? Anyway, let's continue.


Peter Parker hasn't cornered the market on fingerless gloves! Professor Charles Xavier, too, will not let winter weather stop him from playing Angry Birds.


Everyone was just told that the X-Mansion might be haunted.


Betty Draper sure is eager to show off her chest now that Joan's imposing competition isn't around. Nice Gary Cole impression, Kevin Bacon!


Director Matthew Vaughn calls back to the Xavier/Magneto chess game from whichever of the movies that happened in. Want to bet that the chess game's "mate" will come at a point when it's remarkably appropriate for that moment in their conversation?


Director Matthew Vaughn calls back to all the steel shit in the other X-Men movies.

That's all for now, guys.

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