The Best Parts of 'Drive Angry'

January 19, 2011


Were you planning on paying to watch Nicolas Cage escape from Hell and save his daughter's baby from being sacrificed by a cult, while also, on another front, fighting an unaffiliated but also satanic war against one of the Devil's minions? (In other words, were you going to see Drive Angry 3-D in a theater?) No need! While I have not seen the film myself, I have it on good authority that the two following clips are, without a doubt, the Best Parts of the film, and more than enough to tide you over until it comes on Netflick. One clip involves a cigar-chomping, hard liquor-swigging Nic Cage having sex with a woman--while fully clothed, mind you, so that he might engage in a mid-coitus shootout, not dropping the cigar, nor the whiskey, nor the pleasured lady in the process. The other is titled "Hydro-Truck Rampage." So...

(This is not safe for work, if that wasn't clear.)

You know, I posted these so that no one would have to pay to see the rest of the film, But, to be honest, now I really want to see the rest of the film.

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