Warner Bros. Won 2010, John Goodman Playing Best Doorman, More!

January 4, 2011


- Good news if you're a Warner Brother: despite Jonah Hex and largely because of Inception and Harry Potter, your studio was the most financially successful this year, with $1.89 billion in revenue. And that's before sales of leather Tweety Bird jackets!

- John Goodman is joining Tom Hanks, Sandra Bullock, and a kid who did well on Jeopardy! in Stephen Daldry's adaptation of Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. Goodman will reportedly play "a doorman in [Jeopardy Kid's] apartment building who goes on a trip to exhume the father's (Tom Hanks, playing a dad lost in the September 11th attack) coffin." Don't forget to tip this doorman come December, Jeopardy Kid.

- Universal has purchased the rights to Seabiscuit author Laura Hillenbrand's Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption, and plans to have the director of Water for Elephants direct the tale of an Olympian-turned-POW. I'm already bleary-eyed with inspiration.

- I haven't really been covering all the various end-of-year awards things, but in case you're curious, the Writers Guild and Producers Guild nominations are in, and they're pretty much exactly what you'd think they'd be. Sorry, Golden Globes, you're still the only ones thinking Burlesque and The Tourist were tops.

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