Alice Eve Added to 'MiB 3', Because She Looks So Much Like Emma Thompson

February 17, 2011


Just yesterday, the quality/necessity of Men in Black III became even more questionable with news shooting would be delayed until the end of March while the film's third act gets sorted out. Well, turns out they didn't even need a month. The solution was, as it so often is, as simple as adding hot chicks.

Deadline reports She's Out of My League's Alice Eve has joined the cast as the 1969 version of Emma Thompson's character--making Emma Thompson's modern-day character roughly 70? Which I guess is fine, since Josh Brolin playing 1969's Agent K makes 2010's Tommy Lee Jones 80-something. Anyway, apparent age conflicts aside, it sounds like things are moving ahead again, so better start sobering up, Rip Torn.

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