Angry Driving and Husband Mischief Among This Weekend's New Releases

February 25, 2011


Here are the new releases that will probably once again tempt you away from finally seeing The King's Speech. Because is it even worth it at this point?

Drive Angry 3D
Director: Patrick Lussier
Starring: Nicolas Cage, Amber Heard, William Fichtner
Good if you want to see: these best scenes, larger, and in 3-D.

Hall Pass
Director: The Farrelly Brothers
Starring: Owen Wilson, Jason Sudeikis
Good if you want to see: married men finally given a break from the chore of being married to Jenna Fischer and Christina Applegate.

Of Gods and Men (limited)
Director: Xavier Beauvois
Starring: Lambert Wilson, Michael Lonsdale, Jean-Marie Frin
Good if you want to see: Christian monks living at peace within a Muslim monastery facing the threat of an Islamic fundamentalist group. Then it's like Three's Company with monks faking Muslim somehow.

Heartbeats (limited)
Director: Xavier Dolan
Starring: Xavier Dolan
Good if you want to see: another movie by someone named Xavier? Apparently so. Except this one is sort of about ménage à trois.

The Grace Card (limited)
Director: David G. Evans
Starring: Michael Joiner, Mike Higgenbottom, Louis Gossett, Jr.
Good if you want to see: I imagine something like Hall Pass, but involving free grace instead of sex with strange women. But I'm not entirely sure about that.

Public Speaking (limited)
Director: Martin Scorsese
Starring: Fran Lebowitz
Good if you want to see: a documentary on Fran Lebowitz, by Martin Scorsese. You'll be so New York.

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