'Bad Teacher' Trailer: Cameron Diaz Sure Is That!

February 23, 2011


Ready to get even more worried about the hypothetical Ghostbusters sequel? Then watch this trailer for Bad Teacher, written by the Ghostbusting script team--and writers of the exhausting Year One--Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg.

In the film, Cameron Diaz plays a teacher, and, man, let me tell you, she is certainly a TITULAR TEACHER. She smokes pot in the parking lot! She swears at the kids! She's hungover at her desk! She basically does anything and everything outside of rampant pedophilia to indicate she is not at all a very good teacher, and you'll see all of it in this trailer, because even by modern give-everything-away standards, this trailer gives everything away. If you decide to see the full film after this trailer, you're basically shelling out your money for a couple poignant dialogue exchanges and the montage where they'll play Gangsta's Paradise.

Anyway, on with the show.

What a Bad Santa 2: Cameron Diaz Edition. WHY IS THIS SO LAZY? I get it, guys. Cameron Diaz is a bad teacher, but by being forced to teach in order to get breast implants, she becomes a good teacher who enjoys her work, and then it turns out she doesn't need breast implants after all because JT would be better off with Kristen Bell's malformed clone. Or maybe Timberlake just turns out to be a freak? Regardless, hey, there's Sarah Marshall seeming like a pretty good guy who's also able to throw a filthy reference around, so that's a happy enough ending.

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