'Beaver' Bumped Again, Pike Playing God, Yelchin Sees Dead People, and More

February 8, 2011


- Jodie Foster's Mel Gibson-starring comedy The Beaver has been bumped yet again, from March 23 to May 6--prime "separate a man's insane, hyperventilated rants from his work" time, apparently.

- Meryl Streep is currently re-teaming with her Mamma Mia! director to pretend to be Margaret Thatcher, and soon she'll be going back to The Devil Wears Prada's David Frankel for Great Hope Springs, a comedy that "centers on a middle-aged couple who after thirty years of marriage attend an intense counseling weekend to examine the intimacy issues that are threatening their marriage." It's Complicated and now this? Is she trying to put Diane Keaton out of business?

- Rosamund Pike is reportedly near signing on to play Andromeda in the Clash of the Titans sequel. Guess that leaves that not-Lois Lane part in Superman she was up for even more open for Lindsay Lohan.

- The team of Will Speck and Josh Gordon (the Will Ferrell/Napoleon Dynamite skating movie, the Jason Bateman/Jennifer Aniston sperm movie) has been hired to direct The Pool, a comedy about a recent college graduate who, unable to find work in his field, takes a job "teaching swim lessons at a prestigious country club full of beautiful women and their older inattentive husbands." How long do you think the title lasts before something about "MILFs" or "cougars" is added?

- Anton Yelchin has joined the cast of Stephen Sommers' adaptation of Dean Koontz Odd Thomas. Yelchin will play the title character, a man able to see and communicate with, but not hear, the dead. Sounds like watching a rerun of Ghost Whisperer on mute.

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