'Birdemic' Guy Mastered Hitchcockian 3-D, Plus: Zombies, Robots, Kiefer, and Talking Dogs

February 22, 2011


- Ut oh, James Cameron: James Nguyen, director of the laughable cult hit Birdemic: Shock and Terror (evidence of what a "birdemic" looks like above), said in an interview he has "completely mastered the art of 3-D cinematography," which should make his planned 3-D sequel to Birdemic (yup) quite a treat. He also referenced Hitchcock 20 to 30 times.

- Precious director Lee Daniels is setting aside his plans to remake Nights of Cabiria to instead adapt Pete Dexter's 1995 novel The Paperboy with Bradley Cooper and Sofia Vergara. That should hold us off until someone gets to Atari's Paperboy.

- Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes will be co-producing an adaptation of the IDW comic Zombies Vs. Robots. Because we already have Cowboys & Aliens coming out, and Hollywood is apparently going to make us wait for some dumb shit with pirates and ninjas.

- Kiefer news: Kiefer Sutherland will be starring in a Fox drama called Touch, from the creator of Heroes. He also again insisted, "Yes, there will be a 24 movie." End Kiefer news.

- Steve Carell is attached to star in an adaptation of Carolyn Parkhurst's Dogs of Babel, playing a man trying to teach his dog to speak in the hopes it will divulge the secret of his wife's strange, untimely death. Amazon's review of the novel says Carell's character's "heartbreak is often quite palpable," so those of us looking for a talking dog movie to make us laugh till our mouths hurt will probably have to wait for Marmaduke 2.

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