Chris Columbus Remaking Spectral Korean Happy Comedy

February 23, 2011


As Stephen Sommers preps his Ghost Whisperer-esque project, an Anton Yelchin-starring adaptation of Dean Koontz's Odd Thomas, fellow near-satisfactory director Chris Columbus is setting up his own "I see, and then assist, dead people" film under his 1492 banner. Deadline has news Columbus will develop a remake of the 2010 film Hello Ghost, a Korean happy comedy about a man haunted by four ghosts who won't leave him alone until he succeeds in accomplishing a goal for each of them.

The director justified joining the remake train in a statement, saying, "[Hello Ghost's] strong universal storyline translates to any culture, and I'm looking forward to bringing a version of this wonderful story to the English-speaking audience," because Chris Columbus is evidently completely unaware that someone already did that with the 1993 Robert Downey, Jr. comedy Heart and Souls. Someone should loan that to him.

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