DJ Caruso Directing 'Preacher', and Effing Pumped About That

February 22, 2011


Hey, we may finally have someone to direct that Preacher movie! The comic book adaptation--a dark tale of a former preacher, his ex-girlfriend, and a stereotypically Irish (i.e. drinky) vampire on their hunt to literally find God--has now ended up in the hands of Disturbia's DJ Caruso, who today tweeted via Twitter for iPad:

My deal just closed on Preacher. Going back to the dark side and pretty fucking pumped!

Well, I guess someone must have really liked I Am Number Four, then.

But considering how much this project has been passed around--from Tank Girl's Rachel Talalay, to frequent comic book movie ruiner Mark Steven Johnson, to Sam Mendes, with Darren Aronofsky and Joe Carnahan also mentioned as options in recent days--I'd still be careful to count on this coming together any time soon. As far as comic adaptations go, smart money says we'll get a Hagar the Horrible movie first. Because why isn't someone making that yet?

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