'Dumb and Dumberer' Won't Be Final Word on Harry and Lloyd

February 28, 2011


Basic cable's regular, repeated airings of Dumb and Dumber are now responsible for more than just making me, as an adult, reconsider the merits of a shitting scene. At a Hall Pass press event in Sydney today, Bob Farrelly revealed that kids who see the 1994 comedy on television continue to assault him and his brother with quotes, leading the directors to think maybe they should try out one of these belated sequels that are so in fashion nowadays, saying:

“[Dumb and Dumber] has run a bunch of times on TV in the states, and kids will come up and they’ll be able to quote lines from that – lines that I’ve long forgotten. If we could get those two guys back together, Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels that might be a worthwhile sequel – and that ball is in motion. We’re starting to think about what those two dimwits would be doing twenty-years later in life, and hopefully we’ll be able to come up with something worthy of a sequel.”

"Something" like a trip to the hospital, to finally take care of whatever bacteria is eating away at our protagonists' central nervous system? Or something like even funnier tuxedos? Either way, Farrellys, keep in mind that if you can't get both stars back, Jamie Kennedy loves to fill in for mid-'90s Carrey.

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