French 'Big Momma 3' Poster Might Be the Worst Thing Eyes Have Seen

February 16, 2011


With yesterday coming and going without Tyler Perry's usual Tuesday update of a new, senseless Best Picture poster spoof, fellow cross-dresser Martin Lawrence seems to have taken the conspicuous absence as a sign of weakness, choosing today to launch his own arbitrary parody of an award nominee with what I think is a Lady Gaga-themed poster. Well done, Martin Lawrence. You win this unspoken battle of awful against Madea. You somehow used a fat suit, wig, and outlandish eye makeup to even more nightmarish effect than Tyler Perry's Black Swan. Truly haunting.

I'm tempted to also dub this THE Photoshop Abomination, but I'm not sure it should count since it's extremely unclear if there's even a photo reference under all that cartoon thigh.

'Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son' Poster [IMPA]

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