Gerard Butler, Uma Thurman, Jessica Biel Making a Rom-Com

February 23, 2011


Back in the days of watching Gerard Butler wearing a cape and screaming, who would have thought he'd one day become as much a mundane chick-flick fixture as his Ugly Truth co-star Katherine Heigl? Yet here we have it, the star of Bounty Hunter and P.S. I Love You in a romantic-comedy with Uma Thurman and Jessica Biel. Just what is your angle, Butler?

According to Variety, this time the Scotsman will play a former soccer pro--presumably an asshole with an accent only he himself would perceive as "American"--who agrees to coach his son's soccer team in the interest of reuniting with his ex-wife (Biel) and estranged child. Easier said than done, though, Gerard! Because once the moms (Uma Thurman being one of them) get a look at those 300 abs, they are totally going to be forgetting whatever poor, fat schlubs director Gabriele Muccino gets to play the other dads.

The name of this soon-to-be The Weekend's Number One Comedy? Playing the Field! Ah, yes, I get it.

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