Here's Where Chris Parnell's Discretionary Income Comes From: 'Dogfather' Trailer

February 7, 2011


As longtime readers of this blog may have realized, I've developed a strange fascination with animal-centric, straight-to-video family fare. I've gone out of my way to watch more of these films than I should probably admit, and I promise to eventually deliver a thorough write-up on their notable entries, confusing logic, and bizarrely consistent recurrences. I don't have that for you today, though, so instead, here's the trailer for The Dogfather--a film concerning a mobster's dog, a suburban family (patriarch: a shameful Chris Parnell), and your standard bumbling henchmen. Having just watched something called Cool Dog last week, I can confidently say this will be uncomfortably worse than that.

Wait, is that THE skateboarding dog of YouTube!? Or, in death, has Peter Boyle at last been resurrected as Poochinski? I can't wait to find out!

Also, in case you were wondering, Cool Dog was not even that cool of a dog. He did drive a car, a train, and a ferry, and somehow resurrect himself from death, but I wouldn't call that "cool," per se. Impressive, yeah, but not cool. He only wears sunglasses for one, maybe two shots.

[Thank God /Film brought this to my attention. Or... thank Dog? ;) ]

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