'Hop' Trailer: Cool Easter Bunny, Cyclops, and David Hasselhoff

February 9, 2011


So, you all remember how cool the rabbit in Hop was in the teaser for that film? He played drums! He dressed like he was in a grunge band! Well, there's now a full-length teaser for the film, and believe it or not, this rabbit looks even cooler than we first thought. He plays so many drums! He has a poster that says "surfer x-ing," presumably because he surfs--like Marmaduke! His name is E.B. (like Easter Bunny, but cooler)! He literally shits jelly beans! He's so unbearably awesome, it's no wonder James Marsden nearly decides to bludgeon him to death with a rock:

Alright. The white powder pawprints leading to the Rock Band drum set. Is that like he disrupted Cyclops's Paranormal Activity investigation, or that he's, if you will, "hopped" up on cocaine? And is the implication that, beyond the jellybean poo thing, Easter Bunnies get exceptionally warm erections?

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