Hulu Plus Suddenly Sounding Alright, Thanks to Criterion

February 15, 2011


Ut oh, might be time to get some Hulu Plus subscriptions. The $7.99-a-month service has just gone from "that thing I'm not going to bother paying for because normal Hulu is fine, plus, you know, Netflix" to a worthwhile automatic deduction from your checking account, thanks to a new partnership with Criterion that will bring that company's renowned collection of "important classic and contemporary films" (i.e. mostly our best movies) into the Hulu Plus catalog. Right now, over 150 titles are available, but according to Hulu's blog post, at least another 700 are expected to make their way online in the coming months. Sounds like quite the Criterion party. I can't wait to see what ad I get to watch before La Strada will play!


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