Leterrier Directing Some Kind of Sci-Fi Disaster That's Also 'Taken'

February 23, 2011


Last weekend's successful number one launch of Unknown proved it: everyone loves watching Liam Neeson on a mission, apparently. Taken wasn't a fluke, and the studios is demanding more of the genre--and, you know, they wouldn't mind some more awesome, end-of-the-world CGI shit, either.

With that in mind, Universal has hired Clash of the Titans director Louis Leterrier to direct G, a sci-fi tentpole the studio is comparing to both The Day After Tomorrow and Taken. As in, Liam Neeson--or Zeus, as Leterrier knows him--fucking up a bunch of dudes, and also it's the end of the world? Yeah, I guess so; it's still unclear. Producers have refused to reveal any more of the plot specifics--likely at least partially due to the fact they're still on the search for a screenwriter to spell out exactly what "a sci-fi disaster pic with shades of The Day After Tomorrow and Taken" means. Someone kidnapping Gaia--"G", obviously--sending Earth into chaos and forcing Liam Neeson (or his equivalent) to go after her, snapping unspeakable volumes of human spines on the way, probably. What else would it be?

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