Michel Gondry Filming Philip K. Dick, Animated Noam Chomsky, and Bronx Kids on a Bus

February 16, 2011


OK, so Michel Gondry's The Green Hornet wasn't the Best thing. Let's move on! He's sure ready to, as evidenced by his planning several projects into the future, one of which is apparently a Philip K. Dick adaptation. According to The Playlist, Gondry just revealed plans to adapt Dick's Ubik--a book given the very specific honor of being one of the "100 greatest English-language novels published since 1923," as determined by Time--for the big screen.

The plot involves a future in which psychic powers are commonplace, thus requiring the existence of anti-psychic-powered privacy groups--one such organization being at the center of the novel. You can find out more plot specifics if you want to do some Googles, but I think more telling description of what kind of thing Gondry might bring to screens comes from this summary of the finale to Dick's own screenplay, detailing the author's vision of:

the film itself appearing to undergo a series of reversions: to black-and-white, then to the awkward jerkiness of very early movies, then to a crookedly jammed frame which proceeds to blacken, bubble and melt away, leaving only the white glare of the projection bulb, which in turn deteriorates to leave the theater in darkness, and might almost leave the moviegoer wondering what sort of dilapidated, antique jalopy he'll find his car-keys fitting when he goes outside.

That's some pure Gondry, that is.

But before he gets to any of that, the director is apparently doing The We and I--a film about “'35 kids [non-actors, from a school in the Bronx] going to school on a bus' and will thematically delve into 'how the group affects the individual,'" which sounds both interesting and like an anti-drug campaign video you're forced to watch in 7th grade." Plus: he's working on hand-animating a Noam Chomsky documentary he hopes to get done in the next couple years. So I'll just let you get back to work on all that, then, Michel Gondry.

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