Mitch Hurwitz Doing Movie That Is Not 'Arrested Development' Movie

February 23, 2011


Seeing that none of Mitchell Hurwitz's more recent television ventures to reach broadcast--Sit Down, Shut Up and Running Wilde--ever managed to capture the acclaim, or even the meager longevity, of his cherished modern classic, the Arrested Development creator has decided to go down a new entertainment career path: the Lars von Trier remake path. Yes, to the consternation of all, instead of--or at least in addition to--getting some work done on the forever-supposedly-in-development Arrested Development film, Hurwitz will be following the diesel trail left by von Trier's motor home, remaking the Danish filmmaker's 2006 comedy Direktøren for det hele.

The film, called The Boss of It All in the English-speaking world, is about the owner of an IT company who fakes the existence of a distant American superior above him, such that he doesn't have to take the blame for lay-offs, firings, no more complimentary Diet Pepsi in the fridge (which is bullshit), etc.; when he decides to sell the company, he's forced to finally produce this fictional boss, and hires a failed actor to fill the role. Then shit gets so wacky.

Arrested Development executive producers Brian Grazer and Ron Howard are reportedly signed to reprise that position here, and while no cast is yet in place, I'm going to assume it's a Running Wilde reunion, with Will Arnett as the boss and Peter Serafinowicz as the actor, because that is Right. Isn't it?

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