Nite Owl, Cyclops Join 'Loft' Remake

February 24, 2011


Add Erik Van Looy to your studylist of directors who have remade their own work. Variety reports the Belgian director is attached to remake Loft--a film he already directed in 2008, and in Belgian--with Patrick Wilson and James Marsden in talks to star as two of a group of five men who rent a loft together as a sort of timeshare fuck shack for their mistresses. When an unknown woman's corpse is found in the space, the quintet begins accusing each other of murder, demanding they get their full security deposit back, and so on, and there's your movie.

Nightmare on Elm Street remake writer Wesley Strick is heading up the script, and while the other three men have yet to be cast, I'm thinking Stephen Merchant, JB Smoove, and Larry Joe Campbell would make this thing into some pretty compelling relationship fidelity counter-programming to this weekend's Hall Pass, yeah? It becomes the story of how those three Hall Pass sub-buddies' lives could have been radically changed had they been mixed up with a different pair of bored married men looking for an escape. Think about it.

Or just cast a few more generically-handsome former superheroes. I don't really care.

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