'Oz' Maybe Becomes One More Thing James Franco Is Doing

February 7, 2011


This only makes sense: James Franco, who's doing pretty much everything these days, and Sam Raimi, who claims do be doing pretty much everything else, may be re-teaming for Oz, the Great and Powerful. If everything works out, Harry Osborn would be playing the film's title character, a role already abandoned by Robert Downey Jr., and, more recently, rejected by Johnny Depp. The Hollywood Reporter warns, however, that this is far from a done deal, cautioning, "no dealmaking has begun and many issues would need to be ironed out." Likely issues such as scheduling around the multitude of other projects he has going, working this into the James Franco college course, and answering the vital quesetion of how many Franco Clones we can safely split off from the original before the DNA becomes unstable and we start getting mutant Francos. It's quite possible we'll need more science before any more casting of James Franco becomes feasible.

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