Paul Dano and 'Little Miss Sunshine' Directors Re-Teaming for More Indie Darling-ing

February 9, 2011


The directing team of Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris are at last ready to expel all the preciousness energy they've been stockpiling since the 2006 release of their critical darling, Little Miss Sunshine, and they're going to once again use Paul Dano as their indie vessel. According to the LA Times, the actor will star in the duo's new film, He Loves Me, written by Dano's IRL girlfriend Zoe Kazan (above, isn't that darling?). The story concerns a sure-to-be-a-nebbish writer (Dano, playing "a tortured soul not unlike his Nietzsche-loving teenager from Sunshine") who overcomes his writer's block by writing of his ideal woman, only to somehow Mannequin her off the page and into reality. Basically, it's Paul Dano being indie Paul Dano again, except this time with a little bit more magical Sweet'N Low sprinkled on top.

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