'Real Genius' Reunion, James Cameron So Good at 3-D, and More

February 1, 2011


- Real Genius's Jon Gries and Val Kilmer will share the screen again in Deep in the Heart, an indie film "based on true story of an alcoholic who reinvented himself as a multimillionaire businessman, with Kilmer playing a 'Christ-like figure' that guides him to recovery." Was the first step to recovery filling William Atherton's house with popcorn?

- In this interview, David O. Russell hints that he'd like Scarlett Johansson in his adaptation of Uncharted. Who wouldn't! (Pretend "adaptation of Uncharted" is a euphemism for "bed," so that that comment makes sense.)

- Cameron Diaz has joined Michael Hoffman's Coen Brothers-written Gambit remake. The original part got Shirley MacLaine a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress, so Diaz is probably already counting her Kids' Choice Blimps.

- Guess who won the inaugural Harold Lloyd Award, honoring "outstanding achievement in 3-D." Of course James Cameron did. He's king of a questionably valuable technology!

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