Remember 'Star Blazers'? That Will Be a Movie

February 21, 2011


While Oracle CEO Larry Ellison's daughter, Megan, has been throwing her trust fund at Paul Thomas Anderson so he can get some films made, the male Ellison heir, David, has less prestigious, nerdier productions in mind. He's reportedly negotiating for rights to a live-action adaptation of '70s anime Star Blazers, and is already setting up The Usual Suspects screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie for the script.

Originally titled Space Battleship Yamato in Japan, when the animated space opera was brought to U.S. shores, it was renamed, Westernized, and edited to cut out alcohol use and other content that might be questionable for a child audience--resulting in, among other changes, a doctor that acts wasted all the time for no good reason. Disney was previously unsuccessful at bringing it to screens in the mid-'90s, but Japan was able to produce their own live-action adaptation last year--and, if the trailer is any evidence, they did a pretty awesome job bringing the Yamato's shit-ton of lasers to life. So how are you going to top that, guys? Considering Ellison's Skydance Productions is also funding the new Mission: Impossible and the sequel to Top Gun that McQuarrie is writing, I fear the answer is: more Tom Cruise.

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