Shane Black Might Be Doing the 'Iron Man 3'

February 10, 2011


We already know Jon Favreau won't be returning to the Iron Man franchise--he's decided it would be a better idea to make a movie about the entire Magic Kingdom becoming Jumanji, and just as well after Iron Man 2--but you know who might be directing it? Shane Black! The screenwriter--whose impressive, action-filled résumé includes scripts for Lethal Weapon, Monster Squad, and The Long Kiss Goodnight--made his directorial debut with the Robert Downey Jr.-starring Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and is now reportedly in the running to direct RDJ again, this time as director and presumed writer of Iron Man 3. That could be alright, yeah? The Hollywood Reporter story adds, however, that Black is just one of several directors in consideration, so there's still time for Marvel to make a much worse choice. It also adds, "Boarding Iron Man would prove that the vet filmmaker isn't too old for this s***," which is a hilarious, censored reference to a line Danny Glover says in Lethal Weapon.

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