Tim Burton Adds Michelle Pfeiffer, Bonham Carter, Obviously, to 'Dark Shadows'

February 15, 2011


Having ventured out of his usual circle of friends casting pool to give Eva Green a part in Dark Shadows earlier this month, Tim Burton has now retreated back to familiar acting grounds for his vampire soap opera adaptation, adding Michelle Pfeiffer and, as expected, longtime partner Helena Bonham Carter to the film's already-Johnny Depp-centered cast. Pfeiffer, who last worked with Burton playing Catwoman in Batman Returns, will play Elizabeth Collins Stoddard, the "the reclusive matriarch of the Collins clan," while Bonham Carter will likely be filling the role of Dr. Julia Hoffman, a psychologist/blood disorders expert--the two specialties go hand in hand--who tries to cure vampire Barnabas (Depp) of his insatiable bloodlust. If only it were so easy, Dr. Julia Hoffman! What a different Twilight Saga we could be living right now.

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