'Transformers 3' Has This Patriotic Fella, and More, Sadder Items

February 28, 2011


- The latest Empire Magazine has a better look at "Sentinel Prime," that hood ornamented, goatee-sporting Transformer astronauts found on the moon, and TFW2005 has some scans. Apparently, when cleaned up, he becomes sort of a patriotic Uncle Sam-Bot? Also, there's a chance there might be a Transformer with a mullet to go along with the racial stereotype Transformers, and the Transformers with testicles. God bless Michael Bay. (via)

- Peter Graves, Éric Rohmer, Glenn Shadix, and Corey Haim were among the many names omitted from the Academy Awards' "In Memoriam" tribute this year. The Academy did remember that Bob Hope is dead, though, so they forced his ghost back for a performance, for some reason.

- Sadly, we already have another name to senselessly omit from next year's memorial montage: Gary Winick, director of Letters to Juliet and Bride Wars--and, more importantly, a longtime champion of independent filmmaking--has died after a long battle with brain cancer. He was 49.

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