Tyler Perry Tuesday: Tyler Perry Made More Arbitrary 'Best Picture' Parodies

February 8, 2011


In last week week's edition of Tyler Perry's Tyler Perry Tuesday, Tyler Perry applied an extra layer of drag to delight us with a hilarious pastiche of the Black Swan. This week, Tyler Perry directs his burlesque gaze at other Oscar contenders--True Grit and The King's Speech--delivering two more poster imitations perverted with Madea's image for reasons I don't entirely understand.

How many more of these are we going to get? All ten Best Picture nominees? 127 Madeas? Madception? Should I be bracing myself for those? At least Friedberg and Seltzer have the decency to cram all their arbitrary references into a single image.

Man, oh, man. Wait until you get a load of this King's Speech "spoof." But put some headphones on first, because when you click it, you hear garbled Madeaspeech.

So, is Madea known for asking if you understand the words coming out of her mouth, or is she quoting Chris Tucker for some reason?

Tyler Perry's 'True Grits' and 'Queen's Speech' Spoof Posters [Cinematical]

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