50 Cent's Latest More Closely Resembles Real Movie, But Only Slightly

March 23, 2011


Taking a marginal step up from his sports/cancer film with Ray Liotta and Mario Van Peebles, 50 Cent stars alongside Bruce Willis and Ryan Phillipe in Setup, a heist film that looks like the result of clandestine inbreeding in the bottom of a DVD bargain bin. Co-written and directed by a stunt guy from Live Free and Die Hard, this assuredly straight-to-video rapper vehicle must be Willis's way of repaying a dude for driving a car into a helicopter for him, because that's the only way it makes sense that Bruce Willis is in this film--even if he did seemingly get to shoot most of his scenes drunk in a limo.

It's like the whole time you're thinking, "Why is Bruce Willis in this?" Then he does his reading of "God has left Detroit" and you start to think, "Wait, does Bruce Willis maybe belong in this?" I didn't really question Ryan Phillipe's presence all that much.

(via Movieline)

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