Bill Murray Playing FDR

March 30, 2011


Signing up for one of the few lead parts he's been willing to take on in the last decade (respected indie auteur projects and Garfields aside), Bill Murray is reportedly attached to star in Hyde Park On the Hudson, an adaptation of a BBC radio play about a weekend of monarch-meeting and wild, wild cousin love for noted cousin-lover Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Set to be directed by Morning Glory and Notting Hill's Roger Michell, the entire film takes place on an upstate New York cottage over the June, 1939 weekend that became the first time UK royalty visited the U.S. It would also be a weekend FDR decided his cousin Margaret was lookin' alright, with a love affair between the distant relatives dotting the time between showing George VI how to work a paddleboat. Just imagine the dry expression on Murray's face when the king accidentally bursts in on him fucking his relative! It will probably be pretty funny! Especially if you also picture Hugh Grant doing an embarrassed stutter, taking on the role his Bridget Jones's Diary co-star won an Oscar for, as he tries to explain he was just looking for the bathroom. Because that will probably happen, right?

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