Cage and Travolta Probably Re-Teaming, But It's Sadly Not on 'Face/Off 2'

March 25, 2011


Our two greatest scenery-gnawing, secretly-balding actors--John Travolta and Nicolas Cage, naturally--may soon once again be sharing screen, and it's not even on an Old Dogs-esque project. Vulture reports that the duo, who haven't overacted together since playing their own bodies attached to the other actor's face in 1997's Face/Off, are in talks to once again fight each other in two different indie thrillers.

The first is Shrapnel, a film Die Hard's John McTiernan would be directing if he weren't so busy trying not to be in prison. In that film, either Travolta or Cage would play a Bosnian soldier who was terribly wounded by an American (Cage, or Travolta), presumably by shrapnel. As revenge, the Bosnian tracks the guy down and invites him on a fun little hunting excursion, only to later reveal that the American's expensive trip to Cabela's was under false pretenses: it turns out this fun little hunting excursion is really "a deadly war game"! May whomever does the hammier Bosnian accent win the part of that guy.

The second project is Sea Trial, Raymond De Felitta's adaptation of his father's own novel. In that story, illicit lovers on a Caribbean boating vacation with another couple find themselves at the mercy of the yacht's deranged owners, which sounds like it could be a good film to teach folks that "my boat, my rules" plaques aren't just to give the boat a personal, down-homey feel. As with Shrapnel, it isn't yet clear who would be taking which role, but I have a feeling they'll both be doing so much intense staring and sassy shouting by the end that it's probably not going to even matter.

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