'Dinoshark' Trailer: Roger Corman's Thematic Sequel to 'Dinocroc' Is Here

March 24, 2011


No '80s pop stars? No Urkels? What kind of second-rate fictional, resurrected prehistoric animal movie are you trying to sell me here, Corman? One not interested in keeping up with the Mega Joneses, it seems! But what Dinoshark lacks in unearthed former stars it more than makes up for in sharks with tyrannosaurus heads. Because it has at least one of those. And it also has the dirtbag from Skyline.

Click ahead for the trailer, assuming you don't mind a spoiler about how top-billed Eric Balfour dramatically destroys Dinoshark's fin using a grenade and a jet ski.

If just the fin-destruction scene was that dramatic, imagine how intense the final climax will be. Probably pretty intense! But also somewhat obscured or in the distance, so that you don't get too good a look at the Dinoshark effects.


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