Doug Liman's People-Stealing-Space-Stuff-To-Go-to-the-Moon-and-Take-Energy Movie Probably Happening

March 23, 2011


Because heist movies really aren't quite outlandish enough yet, Paramount is reportedly beginning to move forward with Doug Liman's long in-development plas for a film about a group of "former space employees" stealing space equipment and kidnapping an ex-NASA employee in order to launch their own moon mission, so that they may acquire "an energy source" that's apparently on the moon. It sounds crazy--and also a little confusing, because I'm not even exactly sure what a "former space employee" would be, or how that would be different from an ex-NASA employee--but ever since Franz Harary made the space shuttle Explorer disappear, I'll believe anything involving covert space equipment theft.

Since 2007, the still-untitled film has gone through numerous large re-writes and once had Jake Gyllenhaal attached to play one of the guys surreptitiously launching a moon-bound rocket. Now, though, Gyllenhaal has taken his neatly-trimmed beard to other projects, and Liman is looking at the usual list of Hot Young Stars to fill the leads. For the female parts--one of which is the team's Eastern European leader--Rosario Dawson, Megan Fox, Rachel McAdams, Eva Mendes, Zoe Saldana, and Olivia WIlde are reportedly taking meetings. As far as the male crew goes, the Jumper director is eyeing Andrew Garfield, Emile Hirsch, and Chris Pine.

As for the whole "still-untitled" part, how about "Astronots"? See, because they're going to space, but they aren't officially astronauts. Think about it, Doug.

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