'Dune' Remake Dead, 'World War Z' Probably Also Dead, and More

March 22, 2011


- While Kung Fu Panda and Cars 2 fight lawsuits about stolen characters, another, nerdier lawsuit has been brought against the BBC, with 51-year-old Steven Clark claiming he invented the Doctor Who villain Davros as part of a 1972 contest. This lawsuit is best because the above drawing will seriously be the prosecution's key evidence.

- Will Arnett and Ricky Gervais will join Will Ferrell and others guest starring on the season finale of The Office. Sounds like an episode with the potential to set a new record for Most Guys Acting Like Comedically Arrogant, Oblivious Jackasses in One Place.

- Alan Rickman and Sir Tom Courtenay have joined Colin Firth and Cameron Diaz in Michael Hoffman's Coen-scripted remake of Gambit. What an all-star British cast, and Cameron Diaz!

- Ian McShane has signed to play the king in Bryan Singer's Jack the Giant Killer, which will hopefully make up for no one watching him on NBC's Kings.

- Marc Forster's Brad Pitt-starring/produced zombie movie, World War Z, is pretty much dead unless Paramount can find someone or someway to cover some more of the $125 million budget. Car wash!!!

- Similarly, Paramount's option to adapt Dune has ended after four years without a film, and the only way rights holder Richard P. Rubinstein can get one started is if he can get the $100 million or so production budget. Too bad World War Z is already doing the car wash. I have no other ideas.

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