Jennifer Garner Will Make a Great Classic, Elderly Detective

March 29, 2011


Ever wanted to see Agatha Christie's famous elderly detective Miss Marple brought to modern times, and maybe knocked down in years to about, say... Jennifer Garner's age? Well, Jennifer Garner really thinks that's a good idea, so she's going to produce just such an contemporary adaptation with herself starring as the old biddy--now a young biddy with a complexion smooth enough to shill for Neutrogena. The script is being written by Mark Frost--creator of Twin Peaks but also, confusingly, writer of both Fantastic Four films--and you can expect the end result to be pretty much identical to if Jennifer Garner instead had decided she wanted to play an older Nancy Drew, or a soccer mom Murder, She Wrote. There are many ways to giftwrap Jennifer Garner: Detective, but there's always going to be that dull cardboard box just underneath.

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