Jonah Hill a Director Now, Making Zombie/Vampire/Alien Movie

March 2, 2011


We won't be given a look at Jonah Hill's nascent writing career until his 21 Jump Street adaptation hits theaters, but already he's moving on to the director's chair. The portly star is reportedly in talks to direct The Kitchen Sink, a Black List script about "a human teenager, a vampire, and a zombie [who] must save their town from an alien invasion"--the ultimate culmination of the latest hot trends of vampires, zombies, aliens, and culminating shit into a painful clusterfuck. However, supposedly the script is self-aware of its too-inclusive cast--hence the film's title--and has the high-school-archetypes-forced-together spirit of a Breakfast Club, so maybe it won't be as tiring to watch as the initial description suggests. Well, unless Hill recruits his pal Michael Cera to pretend to be a high schooler still, in which case it will be even more tiring to watch.

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